Michal Richard VALIČEK

I'm a database developer, PhD student at Institute of Computer Systems and Networks of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, passionate runner and hobby nerd /*stratosphere balloning, amateur meteo stations*/

Stratosphere ballooning

2016 - present

I had my experiments on aboard of 2 stratosphere baloons. The second one was done by student team that i was couching as a fresh PhD candidate. Currently we are trying to catch micrometeors by such balloons.
It is a strange feeling to launch the balloon and lose control over it /* there is no more a possibility to reburn a firmware and try once more time*/. Fortunately, till now we catched 2 of 2.

Video of first flight to 28 km

IT Specialist in Groupe Danone

2013 - 2016

The first real job was to support users in corporate company. I had a lovely server room, but also had to comunicate with the median user.

Guiding trips to Switzerland

2011 - 2018

In the NGO I also tried to be a tourist guide. I travelled only to switzerland and the trips were science related. The must-see of them was CERN, Bern /*Albert Einstein life*/, Technorama in Winterthur or cablecar /*almost*/ to Mont Blanc.

Amavet - Association for Youth, Science and Technology

2009 - 2013

Spent some time in colunteer NGO organizing high school IT conference and helped with some other amazing student events.

High school science fairs

2007 - 2008

I attended some high school science fairs, including the coolest one - Intel ISEF, recieved YSEA award.

Autonomous warehouse manipulator

2006 - 2008

My first contact with embedded systems was at high school, where I was working on a project of autonomous robot. It was programmed in assembly /*tough times*/ and controlled by AVR microcontroller.